You can never fulfill your calling in your comfort zone.

The Church is not empty, The Church has been deployed.
April 8, 2020
Waking up feeling purposeless is incredibly frustrating.
April 29, 2020

You can never fulfill your calling in your comfort zone.

You can never fulfill your calling in your comfort zone.

Have you heard the saying “If it was easy, everyone would do it?” My mother used to say that all the time, now as a young adult, I fully understand what that means. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, spiritually growing takes discipline.

Getting out of your comfort zone, and following your calling is spiritual freedom. You are not trapped on the “now” or the “when I accomplish this.”

“I can follow my calling if only I had the right circumstance or degree.” Circumstances don’t determine my choice. I don’t need certain circumstances to follow Gods calling on my life.

Focus on becoming the best version of yourself.  Focus on who you’re called to be and focus on what you do. You can’t focus on what happened in the past and other people. It’s draining you, you’re not that kind of mom, preacher, blogger, author that’s not you. Focus on the biblical picture of your life. With God, spirit at the center. Pneuma is an Ancient Greek word for breathe, spirit, soul. Spirit of life. The Holy Spirit is living in you. Your spirit determines your identity. Your spirit made to fully contain God, speaks to God (spirit to spirit) when we want to know what God is thinking, the Holy Spirit talks to us. Because the spirit of God is in us. Our soul consists of our mind, consists of our will, our decisions & determinations. Your Emotions, what you’re feeling, encompasses our personality. The renewal comes in the mind, will and emotions. Everything our soul wants to do, our body encompasses. That is the biblical picture of you. That’s where becoming the best version of you happens right here. Of our best version of us comes from our character. That’s our actions & how we treat people. Your attitude, your thoughts, your core values and your beliefs systems and what you think about life. Your attitude is grounded on your belief system. Your attitude about what you think about life goes deep into your belief system. You have to dig deep spiritually if you don’t like where your attitude is. Because if you have a bad attitude about life, you’re not putting your faith on the front line.  No matter what circumstance your in, If you have the spirit of “ I know God has a calling on my life, over me, over my family, I am going to choose to trust in God and not myself and my feelings. Feelings are your emotions that you feel. Emotions have no moral value. Emotions are like waves, you get to choose which one you ride. You could be angry about the situation, and not sin. Emotions tell you what’s going on, our choices are 100% our responsibility. You get to choose what your Attitude is about life, how you feel about life and the choices in your life.

Ask yourself this, what do I need to Steward in my life? Is this in my control? Whatever struggle, difficulty, whatever season that looks like for you, you get to choose is this in my control? We have full responsibility over our choices. That is where our personal choices are.

People who follow they’re calling use choice to define them not circumstances.

This is the most spiritual investment you can do for yourself, fulfill your calling.

I hope these tips help to utilize in your life, to enjoy your life find balance.

Be called, step out of your comfort zone. 

 If you can take one thing to walk away from today, Is that if you make daily choices and focus on God you will learn powerful things for your tool belt to apply to your life and live with purpose, passion and walk in boldness. To live a life of leadership and inspiration and influencer as a woman. 


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